Mission Visions MC

By sharing knowledge and experience, we are able to find a solution much faster and more efficiently.

Mission Visions MC

The self-evidence to take targeted action and to constantly improve myself finds its foundation in my youth.For me it is self-evident that goals can only be achieved by taking responsibility and giving direction. As long as you are dependent on others, they also determine where your priority lies.Effort and perseverance are automatisms that I have made my own on the farm where I grew up. Here, hands were always needed. At a young age I also set up my own future because of the early loss of my father.


I have over 25 years of experience in marketing and sales. As a professional I worked as a sales and marketing director at an Austrian company. Setting up a new sales and marketing organization, developing distribution channels, supporting global sales teams were all part of my job. I feel like a fish in the water when translating market needs into product development plans and marketing in a B2B environment.My company, Visions MC, originated from my strong need to use my expertise as a power source for you as an entrepreneur. An open relationship is essential for me to make our cooperation a success.

My mission

By sharing knowledge and experience, we are able to find a solution much faster and more efficiently. I like to enable you and your company to make a difference. By increasing your significance as an entrepreneur, while maintaining your quality of life.

It used to be : 

a company must always grow. NOw People and Planet apply before profit. Mission before money.
You and you sales team are going to do business in a person-oriented manner. Looking for a connection first helps you you in negotiations to come to the deal.

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How nice to connect and spar with you about genius work, your mission, your sales team, your results, your business processes. I would like to be easily accessible for you.