For more than 25 years I have been sponsoring a child through Plan Netherlands.


For more than 25 years I have been sponsoring a child through Plan Nederland. If you sponsor a child, Plan invests in programmes for the community where the sponsor child lives. In this way you not only contribute to better living conditions and future opportunities for one child, but also to better facilities for the entire community. Plan is committed by providing years of information and education that leads to safety, healthy nutrition, safe drinking water, good health care and good education.

New is the Ecuador Plan

Plan Nederland offers promising young people from Ecuador from the age of 18 the opportunity to follow a higher vocational education or university course. These talented students, from an underprivileged environment, learn to stand on their own two feet and take the next step to help their community further.

I'm doing my bit.

That requires money. For each young person, €6000 is needed to complete a 4-year university course. I would like to do my bit for that.I have decided to invest 2% of my turnover in this new plan.

Our visit

In September I visited some Plan Netherlands projects with a group of people. This was a very impressive journey, in which we were given an insight into the circumstances in which this community lives. Especially what successes there are to celebrate, what they are very proud of and want to share their experiences. Projects with special attention for food (growing vegetables), education, reducing violence, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancies.
As part of the scholarship sponsorship program we visited the University of Santa Elena, where we met the students Johnny, Hamilton, Darleen, Erik and Shirley.

Project Agriculture

Project reducing Sexual abuse en Child Abuse

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