Discovering insights into B2B sales and marketing is what I do.

Sales and Marketing strategist I find a nice description of my activities.

Questions I can ask you

- What do you have to work with? - Who is your example? - What actions do you take to achieve your desired change? In an accessible and transparent way I help you to determine the sales and marketing strategy of your company.

Put the customer first

With your company, you are constantly busy with the developments in the market. Markets are becoming saturated faster and faster and earning models are coming under pressure. Looking at the offer and services from the customer's point of view is therefore necessary to be successful.

Take a look at marketing from the other side

Putting the customer at the heart of your business is an open-minded approach to looking at your customers. No longer striving to get as much out of your customer as possible, but offering him the maximum.
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Take a look at marketing from the other side

Looking at the customer centrally in your company is an open-minded way of looking at your customers. No longer strive to get as much out of your customer as possible, but offer him the maximum.
I'll help you answer these essential questions. Together we design a relevant and appealing proposition.We present these to the right target group/customer as a tailor-made solution. The result is a satisfied customer who comes back to you. In this way, you distinguish yourself from the competition, which translates into sustainable success.For your company and its employees
What does my customer expect and demand from my product/service?
What added value do I offer him?
How do I put the customer first and maintain a commercially healthy business case?

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How nice to connect and spar with you about genius work, your mission, your sales team, your results, your business processes. I would like to be easily accessible for you.